** Board of Trustees Meeting August 9, 2016 6:30 P.M. | Municipal Court August 16, 2016 5:30 P.M **

Fill out our storm shelter registry form by following the link below:
Online Storm Shelter Registry






















We would like to say thank you to the churches and the support from the community during the recent times!

The Pocola Fire Department is proud to announce that we have begun construction on our South Fire Station!







Radio Feeds
Fort Smith Weather Radio

Listen to live radio communications for LeFlore County or other feeds by following the link below.

Live Radio Feeds

Storm Shelter Registry Form


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Apps available to download include their tornado, first aid, flood, hurricane and many other useful apps!

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Please remember, the EAS (Emergency Alert System/Storm Sirens) are not just for Tornado Warnings. There is a uniformity within LeFlore County under specific conditions where storm sirens are activated. Please review our standard operating guidelines for EAS Activation. Also, please review the testing times. Anytime other than a scheduled testing time should be considered a weather emergency and you should take proper severe weather shelter precautions!

Click below to review the guidelines.

Standard Operating Guideline for EAS Activation



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