Town of Pocola


Pocola, Oklahoma
Incorporated March 18, 1963

Pocola is an Indian name for ten mile, which was the distance from the settlement to Fort Smith, Arkansas.

Poocla's first Board of Trustees:
C.H. (Buster) Tery- Mayor
Don Howard
Hershel Gray
David Webb
Vic Grizzle
Ted Coleman- First Clerk
P.W. Gray- First Treasurer
C.W. Harris- First Police Chief
Charles Henry- First Fire Chief

The first meeting was held at the school on April 16, 1963, later at the Coon Hunters Club until 1966 when a City Hall was built.


Points of Interest:

1963: The Town of Pocola was established and a newly elected board of Trustees Began to shape our town and an Army surplus truck was obtained to use as a fire truck. 1977: A 1 cent sales tax for the Fire Department passed.
1963: Pocola population was 1453. The population grew to 3600 in 2003. 1979: A new fire department was build and is now fully equipped for most all emergencies.
1965: RWD #2 established with 250 users. 1985: Central National Bank of Poteau established a branch in Pocola. Pocola Health and Rehab was also built.
1965: Telephone service for Pocola. 1987: Pocola got its own Post Office with its own zip code.
1966: Pocola City Hall was built. 1991: Pocola's first stop light was installed at the corner of Hwy. 112 and Hwy. 271.
1968: A 1 cent sales tax passed for the General Fund. 2003: Pocola's second stoplight was installed at Hwy. 112 and Pryor St.
1975: Pocola Municipal Authority (sewer) was established. 370 users at this time. In 2003 users grew to 512.  


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